Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sadly, we lost a very exciting game to Team Potter tonight. It was not a must-win for us, but it would certainly have been nice! We played well and just had a few mistakes here and there, but feel good about our prospects going forward. The talk in the locker room after the game was about how even the teams are this year. Normally, the first few games have lots of lopsided scores because the lowest seeds play the highest seeds. But there were no blowouts today! Amy Wright, the skip of Team Wright, said that it was the strongest field she'd ever seen.

Before the game, they held the opening ceremonies. A group of bag pipers led the teams out onto the ice, where an announcer introduced all the teams and recognized the players individually. The ceremonial first rock was thrown by a team of past women's champions.

(Many thanks to our photographer/assistant coach/Sharon's son & Emily's brother, Jake!)

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