Saturday, March 14, 2009


It was a long, tough game, though pretty simple as we played lots of hits. We were under enough pressure just being in the game, I didn't want to start making circus shots in the first half. Both teams moved to a more cluttered game in the second half. We got a big end in the 8th and were able to hang on to seal the deal for bronze. As it turns out, we also won the LSD (last shot draw) for the week, too. Here's a photo of us with the gold medal winners, Minnesota 1.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Semi-finals vs. Minnesota 1

This was my first time ever in a semi-final, which right away was terrific. Alas, it was a bit of a whacking, as MN shot lights out and we were just a little off here and there. (1 ft difference can really kill you, as we proved today!) :) Tomorrow we have the bronze medal game against Winconsin at 2 pm EST. I'm hoping the experience from today will help us to relax and just play a curling game. I'm really grateful we'll get another chance at this so soon - it's great prep for the future. Thank you to everyone who has sent such nice emails! We appreciate the support! :)

Game 9 vs. MoPac (Hollywood) and the Playoffs

Fortunately, we were up 10-0 after 6 ends, so the hard part of the game was over quickly. The win put us into a tie at the top of the leaderboard at 7-2, and since we beat the other team (Wisconsin) during the round robin, unbelievably, that makes us the #1 seed going into the playoffs. Minn 1 and Minn 2 played a tiebreaker this afternoon and Minn 1 won, so we'll play them tonight at 8 pm EST. If we win, we play the gold medal match tomorrow at 2 pm, if we lose, we play in the bronze medal match at the same time. Fingers crossed!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Game 8 vs. Minnesota 2

Lost by 5 and surrendered after 8th. We played well, but they were on fire. Maybe we could have kept going and hoped for a miracle (or an earthquake) but we were taking a beating and decided to save our strength for tomorrow and the MoPac game. We need one win to be assured of a playoff spot, but we think we're at least guaranteed a tie-breaker opportunity.

Game 7 vs. GNCC 1 (Cape Cod)

In regions like Minnesota that have more than one berth in this event, they have two teams: Minnesota 1 and Minnesota 2. Minnesota 1 is the best out of the region, and 3 is the runner-up. We, also, like to think of ourselves as two teams: Washington 1 and Washington 2. Today, fortunately, Washington 1 came to play. We had some pieces of very helpful luck, but we did earn our victory this morning against GNCC 1 (Cape Cod.) They were excellent all-around shooters, though they said they felt like they were GNCC 2 or 3 today. We're now 6-1 and, unbelievably, alone at the top of the leader board. We think we're assured of at least a tie-breaker to get into the playoffs. This afternoon, we face Minnesota 2. Fingers crossed!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Games 5 & 6 - Penn and North Dakota

We're still alive!
After a long slog today, we held off the Pennsylvania and North Dakota to make it to 5-1, tied for the lead now, with Massachusetts. We play them first thing tomorrow morning. Should be exciting! (We hope!) :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Game 4 vs. Minnesota 1

Huge, huge win today against the #1 seed Minnesota 1 (Norma O'Leary - last year's winner.) Score 10-4 after 9. We're now in a 5-way tie for first place. And more importantly, we're off to the hot tub to loosen up and rest up. 5 more games to go - we just need to take it one shot at a time. This is the most games I've ever won in a national championship at any position, and this is the girls' first time at this kind of event, so we're in new territory all the time now.

Photos from Games 2 & 3

Cyndy found some spectators willing to take photos for us, so here are a few from Games 2 & 3. (There are also some shots of WA and other men's games, etc.)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Game 3 vs. Michigan

Today was a good day. With a little help from the curling gods and a 5-ender, we pulled off another victory tonight over 9th ranked Michigan. (We're the 6th seed. Don't know that the rankings are all that accurate, but whatever. Right now we're 2-1) We need to sleep fast as we have a big game tomorrow against the Minnesota 1, who are the top seed and deservedly so! My first game ever skipping in a National was against Norma O'Leary, who is skipping MN1, and I played her twice during the Trials process (won in Challenge, lost at Trials) so it will be interesting to see how this goes. They're an excellent team, but on any given day....

Game 2 vs. Wisconsin

Got a win! 8-4 over the #2 team. We had our best game ever as a team and did a great job of never losing focus. The key now will be trying to maintain that level of focus going into the rest of the week - and it is a long, long week. Game 3 is tonight against Michigan at 8 pm EST.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Game 1 - vs. Illinois

Lost 3-10 or so (7 ends.) Well! :) It was a bit of "getting started" game. This is the first game my 3 teammates have ever played at a national event and on ice like this. (Curl is up to 8' on draws and speed is 24.5-25 sec.) Even though we didn't score in the second half, we definitely had a stronger second half as folks got more adjusted to the speed. We didn't hit a lot, as hits move a few feet with control weight, but we did make all the hits we tried - which was certainly impressive. Illinois was also very friendly and a lot of fun to curl with and hang with afterwards - so kudos to them for that! :) We're all feeling upbeat and looking forward to getting back out there in the morning. Our next game is at noon against Wisconsin.

Opening Ceremonies

Sorry for the lack of posts, we've been busy sleeping and napping in an effort to get ready for tonight's game against Illinois. We had a good practice last night and attended the opening ceremonies this morning. There won't be live scoring online, but I'll try to update this site with results ASAP. We're off to the club!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

We're finally back home from the Trials and I've got a few more photos ready to go. Thank you again, everyone, for your support!