Sunday, March 8, 2009

Game 1 - vs. Illinois

Lost 3-10 or so (7 ends.) Well! :) It was a bit of "getting started" game. This is the first game my 3 teammates have ever played at a national event and on ice like this. (Curl is up to 8' on draws and speed is 24.5-25 sec.) Even though we didn't score in the second half, we definitely had a stronger second half as folks got more adjusted to the speed. We didn't hit a lot, as hits move a few feet with control weight, but we did make all the hits we tried - which was certainly impressive. Illinois was also very friendly and a lot of fun to curl with and hang with afterwards - so kudos to them for that! :) We're all feeling upbeat and looking forward to getting back out there in the morning. Our next game is at noon against Wisconsin.

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