Thursday, March 12, 2009

Game 7 vs. GNCC 1 (Cape Cod)

In regions like Minnesota that have more than one berth in this event, they have two teams: Minnesota 1 and Minnesota 2. Minnesota 1 is the best out of the region, and 3 is the runner-up. We, also, like to think of ourselves as two teams: Washington 1 and Washington 2. Today, fortunately, Washington 1 came to play. We had some pieces of very helpful luck, but we did earn our victory this morning against GNCC 1 (Cape Cod.) They were excellent all-around shooters, though they said they felt like they were GNCC 2 or 3 today. We're now 6-1 and, unbelievably, alone at the top of the leader board. We think we're assured of at least a tie-breaker to get into the playoffs. This afternoon, we face Minnesota 2. Fingers crossed!!


  1. I watched the last 2 ends of the California/Hollywood afternoon game on their livecast. I asked how the Washington/California team was doing. Sounds like you had a rough afternoon game.

    I hope the Left Coasters will have lots of playoff games streamed live. It's fun to see it and hear all the commentary.