Friday, February 27, 2009

Final Games and What's Next

We played our final games on Wednesday against Team Amy Wright and Team Patty Lank - both of whom went on to the playoffs. When we played Wright, I think they were mostly likely in but looking at a possible tiebreaker; when we played Lank, they were already in the playoffs for sure. Both teams were quite nice and friendly. The Wright game was odd - we debated resigning after the sixth end, but then came back and nearly won. And the Lank game was a lot closer than the score looked - we just missed a shot here and there in the early going that would have put us in a much different position.

McCormick, Lank and Wright are still in the playoffs - Lank and Wright will play this afternoon, and the winner will play McCormick tomorrow in the finals. You can watch these games on TV on Universal Sports or live on their web site I'm currently working on getting more photos of the trials up online.

Next Friday, I fly to Utica for the Club National Championships with a different ladies team: Beth Coffin (3rd), Sara Skulec (2nd) and Cyndy Eng-Dinsel (lead), and I'll be skipping. In Club Nationals, teams must be made up of players from the same club, in our case, the Seattle Granite Curling Club. (Even though I live in CA, I've been playing in Seattle enough to qualify.) This will be the first time ever for my teammates in this kind of major competition and my second time skipping at Club Nationals. Again, for more details, check out my web site: in the days to come!

Thanks for following along and enjoy the semis and finals!

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  1. I'm glad to have found your blog - I've often described my job (Director of a digital production team) as the broom person on a curling team, so now I can point people somewhere to find out what I mean!

    Keep training and good luck at the next event.